Work, work, work

Gamers, keep yer eyes peeled at E3 for new HFB trax in association with our good friends PixelJunk at Q Games: they've a killer to unleash on you. Meantime, new album now being recorded and a plethora of HFB associated material coming soon...

LX's ScreeN is on the way with Gaudi and Chester plus Dom and Dynamax have unleashed Years of the Canine. Youth has a new Vertical Smile album, and after a year of touring the globe without a budget for hotels, HFB remixer Indidginus has released his new album Sofa Surfer which features a collaboration with HFB alongside a wealth of other worthy writers.

If you wanted to buy HFB: Pixeljunked on the PlayStation Network, sorry. It broke. When they start returning our calls we'll let you know. Meantime, it's out elsewhere...

Thanks for listening!

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